Do we deliver out of Deniliquin?

We deliver to a range of different location surrounding our Deniliquin store, and can even post small items all around Australia. A list of the main places we deliver to regularly can be found in our delivery tab located on the top of the main screen in the website.

Is there a cost to the delivery?

Unfortunately there is a cost of delivery, although our great staff is there to help out in installing your newly purchased products.

Do we do fibre cares on couches?

We do offer the choice of fibre care on a wide range of couches to ensure the products use. As it comes with a 5 year stain warranty you are receiving the best quality product that is there to last you over time.
Recliner $100.00
3 seater couch $150.00
3 PCE lounge suite $260.00
Corner suite $260.00
6 dining chairs $120.00